Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can beginners do the class?

Yes, DASH is for all ages and abilities, absolutely beginners need to start somewhere. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask one of our DASH Coaches before class.


How do I know if this running class is for me?

Well, the first class is free so we always encourage people to come and try it out. In your first class just make sure you run at your own pace until you find your running rhythm


What if I’m really unfit?

That’s ok if you’re unfit, you will see a difference in 6 weeks. Just make sure you start off slowly, again at your own pace and build up sensibly.


I can’t run very well, will this teach me how to run?

Yes, DASH will teach you how to run by engaging the right muscle groups for running, meaning running should start to feel easier and a little more effortless.


Where can I leave my personal belongings?

Our DASH coaches will be there the entire time to keep an eye on your belongings, but please be advised that your belongings are left at your own risk.


What do I wear to class?

We encourage you to wear running lycra and a t-shirt, nothing too baggy. In the winter, wrap up warm with layers, long sleeved tops to keep your muscles warm. It’s important you come with proper running trainers. If you don’t have appropriate footwear, you may be turned away.


Can I run if I’m injured?

We would never advise you to run if you’re carrying an injury. Please come back to class once your injury has healed. If you have any questions regarding injury, please email us.


Does DASH teach you how to avoid running injuries?

DASH teaches mind-to-muscle memory meaning you will engage the right muscle groups required for running. It will teach you how to better your running technique so that it minimizes injury.


Will this help me lose weight?

DASH is a great way to manage weight. This type of training effectively burns just as many calories as if you were running for over an hour. Weight management is also dependent upon other activities you already take part in and your current diet.


Can I sign up to a running club in London?

DASH is affiliated with running clubs in London so if you do decide you would like to join an athletics club then please discuss this with one of our DASH Coaches directly.


I hate running

Even if you absolutely hate running but you want to get into shape, you can always do a 30 minute DASH class. It’s not long distance running, it’s short bursts and over very quickly.


I can’t sprint

A common misnomer. We believe everybody can sprint. All it means is just running a little quicker than a jog – we’re not training you to be in the final of the Olympics so you don’t need to be an athlete, but we can teach you to be comfortable with your body and run quicker than you already do.


Is this an effective form of running training I can use with my marathon training?

Absolutely. We have a lot of long-distance runners attend class with the look to improving their times. We highly recommend varying your training to include shorter bursts too. This will help you understand how pace judgement and how far you can push your body.


Will DASH improve my marathon time?

Well, we can’t make any guarantees but it will certainly teach you how to move quicker. Our running tips and techniques are designed to teach you how to use your body effectively and efficiently.


Do you offer any classes longer than 30mins?

Yes, we do offer private 1-2-1 classes that run for 60mins. You need to book these directly by emailing us. These private classes work on strength and conditioning as well as improving running tips.


How often should I come to a DASH class?

We recommend you take a minimum of 2 classes per week to have a significant effect.