The good buzz from our happy customers was making us smile so we just had to share their views…

Excellent class. Really enjoyed it. The class really helped with my technique, speed and endurance. The class instructor was really helpful, knowledgable and encouraging. I would highly recommend these classes to everyone whether you have ran much before or not!

Claire and Duff Duffield Avatar Claire and Duff Duffield
21st December 2019

I attended a DASH workshop and felt so good after. I thought I knew about running already but realised that proper technique is so important for progress and to avoid injury. The workshop was fun and I felt completed supported by the DASH team.Would highly recommend for people of all abilities!

Amrat Khorana Avatar Amrat Khorana
6th December 2019

I attended one of the workshops led by Sarada and co and have got to say it was an absolutely amazing experience. Whether you're experienced or a complete newbie, the team made the day incredibly welcoming and engaging. Everything was shown and explained in a way that was fun without ever feeling daunting. Would 100% recommend attending a session to anyone!

T Orekan Avatar T Orekan
6th December 2019

Amazing! Dash is a great way to meet people & get outside for some proper running. All the instructors are so up-beat and encouraging. Highly recommend.

Nancy Coburn Avatar Nancy Coburn
3rd December 2019

My footballing son was 15 when he first came to Dash for two sessions a week, one private and one group session. He needed to work on his 0-60 acceleration and his stamina. Both elements have been improved greatly since taking the classes. The coaches were able to tailor the sessions to his requirements perfectly and the only reason he’s not going at the moment is because he’s trialing at a Championship club 5 days a week no doubt helped on by Dash. His posture, running gate and technique were put right by Dash and we’d highly recommend this for any sportsman or woman who needs to improve their pace. Dan @thefootydadSent from my iPhone

Dan Steggall Avatar Dan Steggall
3rd December 2019

I just wanted to learn how to run again. I hadn’t done it for years and it was really hard at first but then Sarada helped me find my rhythm.

It’s a completely different skill for me. I’m used to doing high intensity interval training, I’m used to weightlifting, i’m used to long distance running but i’d never sprinted before and I loved that the Dash sessions broke down the technique and that I saw such results in such a short space of time.

I like to Dash because I love that it’s 30 minutes and I can do it after work or before work and I never used to think I could run and to go and to find out that I can run and also to run races annd all the things that were always fun at school about running. And to do that all together – that’s why I DASH!