Be your own athlete

Be your own athlete

Be your own athlete!

The OLYMPICS have come to an end in Rio, but don’t let that stop you from being athletic. Be your own athlete!

With the last of the track and field, I thought I would share some tips and tricks after all the inspiring runs by the top runners of the world.

So let’s start off with something simple that we all have been told to do some time or another…”Run on the toes of your feet”….Let’s STOP that NOW.

When running, regardless of speed, we don’t want to be too toey, ideally we want to be running on the balls of our feet. Not only is this a safer way of running, it is also more efficient and here’s how.

When running on the balls of our feet, we are able to absorb more of the impact of running and use those strong foot muscles (which we all have) to react off the ground.

So how do I start running on the balls of my feet?

Simple…Dorsiflexion. This is the backwards flexion of your feet towards your shin. (i.e. imagine attempting to get your toe to touch the shin of the same leg).

Tip: A good cue for dorsiflexion is through tensing the muscles surrounding your shin

Trick (Drill): Walk on your heels for a set distance, feeling the tension in your shin and working on your ankle mobility and strength. Try not to allow your toes to touch the ground and believe me, do this right, your shins will have the amazing “burn” feeling that you have been craving for. Take a look at the video here Video

Keep tuned in for the next tip and trick!

Laurance, DASH

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