Strong Feet, Strong Run

Strong Feet, Strong Run

After our recent running labs with Lorna Jane and Run and Become, working alongside Lorna Jane at Balance Festival last weekend, many people have come forward talking about how they can strengthen their feet?

Foot strength is a widely known issue leading to knee and hip problems. To kill two birds with one stone, rather than just working on foot strength without running, why not work on foot strength whilst running?

So here it is…toes up

Previously we have spoken about the importance of dorsiflexion (bring the feet up as close as possible towards the shins) and how this can improve your running and prevent injuries. To add on top of this, think about keeping your toes up whilst doing this! By keeping your toes up, you are able to pre stretch your big toe, a vital part in our balance whilst standing, walking and running, so that when you land your foot muscles should begin to activate and contract to keep your foot placement balanced. Guarantee, if you do this correct, you will  feel muscles in your feet the next day that you have never felt before!

Till next time DASHers

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