Prep For Marathon Weekend

Prep For Marathon Weekend

Your long term preparation is nearly coming to an end with the marathon in sight this weekend.

Here are a few DASH tips for your final few days of preparation.

Heard of a new way of bringing down your marathon time? Thinking of changing up your training dramatically? Our recommendation is to stick to what you have been doing, any drastic changes requires your body to adapt in a minimal amount of time, stressing your body out even further. Have faith in what you have done so far, and work with what you have got.

If you were to change anything, slowly taper your training, slowly reducing your weekly mileage which will take some self-control, we know how difficult it is not to push yourself that little bit more, however this will allow your body to recover and feel prepared on the day of your marathon! Don’t be afraid to run the day before the marathon either. A light and easy 1-2mile run will help blood flow in your legs and will not sap the energy you may think you are reserving, if anything it will help stimulate your central nervous system, which should lead to your legs responding better in the marathon the next day.

Tapering for a Marathon is not an easy fete, but all you need to remember is you have already covered the background work, keep up your running – even if the mileage is less, and keep positive.

Happy DASHing

Your DASH coach Laurence

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