Getting seriously Sweaty with Betty!

Getting seriously Sweaty with Betty!



So this week we’ve been getting seriously Sweaty with Betty…


If you couldn’t make it to our DASH Running Lab at Sweaty Betty Islington, then don’t sweat it, we’ll give you full notice to sign up to our next one but here’s a little preview and a few tips of what we covered…



I know we keep banging on about this but seriously guys, running is just rhythm. We know you love to run but how awesome is that feeling when everything just clicks and comes together?! That is just rhythm. A couple of rhythmic tricks:


  • Keep your feet underneath you (try just thinking next time you’re out for your run “feet underneath me”) this will keep you ticking over like a clock and ensure that you push from your ass 😉
  • Keep a beat going in your head, whether it’s music or just thinking “1,2,1,2”
  • Breathe to the beat of your feet – everything is connected and needs to work together, your body should be in harmony and it should just flow


The good news is, the more you practise, the more rhythm you have, the more rhythm you have, the faster you’ll go and actually the less injuries you’ll pick up!



This is so much fun, like serious fun. As a general runner, you’ll be used to going at one pace and your muscles are capable of much more than you probably give them credit for. Test yourself. We did some super simple exercises activating our glutes… squat down to a half squat, get someone to blow a whistle (and the reaction comes from the ass) literally just move!


CLICK HERE to see this in action!




So all of our power comes from our ass, literally. It’s the biggest muscle group so you should use it. Sometimes, it isn’t that simple, in order to use it we have to switch it on. And by that we mean think about it in whatever we’re doing (seriously that works) and so we end on the ass 😉 – that’s the key to getting quicker!


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