Hate running, can’t run, want to run

Hate running, can’t run, want to run

It’s a common misnomer that you can’t run – it’s just one foot in front of other, literally! 

Now if you hate running that’s another matter. So many of my friends say to me “I was going to go for a run today – but then I just didn’t” – we all have those CBA days (can’t be arsed) and with the January health kick in town here’s 5 ways to try and get you to the BA (be arsed) stage:

1. Set yourself a schedule.  Be realistic, work out how much time and how often you can work out in 1 week. So if it’s 2 times a week at 7am, pick specific days and the hardest part: stick to it.  No matter what, those are your workout days and work stuff around it.

2. Once you’ve got your schedule, write down your sessions weekly. So if you want to get into running then the easiest first session to do is a 10 minute interval run.  Walk or Jog for 1 minute and do a faster run for 30 seconds – alternate this until you reach 10 minutes.  Try and progress on this until you get to 20 minutes.

3. Goal set & test yourself.  It’s easier if you have something to focus on.  So if you’re just getting started then give yourself a measurable and achievable goal, like “I’m going to run 5k at park run”… Once you have a marker, you can then work on your time and your distance.

4. Relax!  When you’re running don’t fight it and don’t kill yourself to get there.  The tenser you are, the harder it is.  If you relax your face, the rest of you will be calm and relaxed – trust me you’ll go faster and further with just a little bit of relaxation.

5. And finally – don’t think about it.  Sounds easy, right?  But if you always give yourself an option of “shall I?” you’re already talking yourself out of it.  The mind always chooses the easiest path but the good news is if you can talk yourself out of it then you can talk yourself into it.  Stick to your own script & just go for it.

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