The secret Ingredient for Injury prevention

The secret Ingredient for Injury prevention

Pre-habilitation (Type of strength training to prevent injuries before the actual occurrence)

It’s your DASH Coach Laurence here, helping to stop you from getting injured when getting your DASH on.

Today we are looking at muscle activation to prevent those niggles and injuries from occurring. When we run, our strongest and most bodacious muscle is our BUM.  Without those bad boys working, you’re not going to be very powerful on your runs.  So how do we ensure that this muscle is activating correctly?

First lie flat on your stomach, with your hands resting beside your head.  Focusing on one leg at a time in this position, squeeze your bum of that leg and only then can you begin to raise that leg off the floor, thinking about bringing your heel 6 inches higher than the floor.  Slowly return to the starting position and repeat on the other leg.

Advised Sets and Reps: 3 x 10

This ensures good motor mechanics when running, ensuring your bum is firing before your hamstring, providing a more efficient outlet for power and lowering the chance of you injuring those special legs of yours.

Till next time DASHees

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