“So you want to run smoother and faster? There’s one way to get there…relaxation

Recently I came across this motivational quote, “when in doubt…run it out”, which I do anytime I am stressed. Running helps me to relax and burn off steam through finding my stride, my rhythm and becoming more in tune with my body. This leads to my talk on finding relaxation.

When I speak about being in tune with my body, I am speaking about being aware of the tension you feel in your body, the amount of air you breathe in and out, the motion of your legs whilst running, the point you make ground contact, really heightening your sense of control over your body.

Why is this important you may ask?

For one, we are all different in physique and respond to stimuli differently, and so it is therefore important for you to take ownership of your body and listen to how it responds to what you put it through.

Secondly, and more relative to this post, is the idea of understanding more effort does not always mean more speed, the less effort you attempt to force, the faster you will be, ironic isn’t it?

The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.”

Bruce Lee


You can always tell if someone is running tense, a good telltale is looking at their facial expression, the gritting teeth, the expanding veins in the neck popping out, raised shoulders etc. At this point, your muscles start working against you, rather than for you.

A lot of the time when people think sprint, there is this idea of going eye balls out, where in reality, running fast is being able to produce the most amount of force whilst staying relaxed. My Coach Ron Roddan says, you must “let the speed come” as opposed to forcing it.  I always think running is like yoga or pilates, we must also learn and understand our bodies, to be able to control and relax at will.

When running at high velocities, your body is both pulling and pushing as fast and as hard as it can, whilst trying to keep relaxed. Running relaxed is a skill and is therefore attainable for all of us. Skills can be learnt and practice makes permanent (good or bad).” Laurence, DASH.

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